You're Getting Very Sleepy | Ben Morey

You’re Getting Very Sleepy

13″ x 12″
Oil marker & ink on board

You’re Getting Very Sleepy aims to subvert the frivolousness and stereotypically feminine implication of the color pink by applying it to the genderless, lifeless, unsettling hue of faux skin on the head of a decapitated rubber mannequin. The central figure can be seen as an embodiment of futility and a personal reaction against it. The head of this figure is based on a doll that was punched in the face and presented on a stick (or in this case a bare spine), like a tribal, decapitated warning against feelings of hopelessness and the coping mechanisms one clings to to prevent spiraling out of control. The pink used is also intended to conjure the overly simplified colors of medical mannequins and the off-putting quality of their unrealistic silicone skin as a metaphor for the way that futility makes one feel less-than-human.

No Teeth Ben Morey

No Teeth

34″ x 24″
Oil and ink on board



34″ x 40″
Oil, acrylic and nailpolish on board

TV-PG” utilizes the game show set as a stage for presenting issues of personal and social significance. Imagery representing concerns with self medication, frustration with the gender binary, mortality and sexuality are presented via medical memorabilia and anthropomorphized surrogates.

Technicolor Dissection

Technicolor Dissection

24″ x 38″
Oil, spray enamel, nail polish and balloons on board

The aftermath of an attempt to dismantle and analyze personal and social frustrations. Situations and memories are synthesized into a collection of extremities and inanimate objects and cut apart for a closer look.

Master's Hands

Master’s Hands

21″ x 38″ x 4.5″
Oil on board

A representation of the omnipresent force that is responsible for the situations within many of my paintings and drawings, acting as a surrogate for my own hand in the work. They are simultaneously in control and “injured” by the process deflating and investigating ideas and old wounds.

Tools Of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

20″ x 20″ x 2″
Oil on board with steel enclosure

Objects relating to self medication, diagnosis and analysis are laid out clinically on an imaginary surface in a representation of the metaphorical means by which I analyze myself and my memories to create a residual image of this reflective process.

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