Our Operators Are Standing By Ben Moreu

Our Operators Are Standing By!

Dimensions Variable
Mixed Media + Soundtrack

Our Operators Are Standing By!, created for the Bedlam Lorenz Assembly fundraiser Thanks In Advance!, pokes fun at the over-the-top pageantry of telethons and the celebrity panels enlisted to accept donations via phone for these televised fundraisers. Sock puppets are employed as amusingly pathetic stand-ins for these famous spokespeople as a play on the terms “sock”, meaning a false identity for a person attempting to remain anonymous, and “puppet”, referring to a spokesperson used to further a hidden, insidious agenda. Hold music and garbled voicemails were recorded over the phone and spliced with text-to-voice generated slogans to soundtrack the installation and make light of the frustration of fund-drive hotlines.

funvision ben morey


2013 | Commission for Young At Art Museum
Mixed media, 3-part interactive Installation 

FunVision invites the public to question their relationship to self-medication and instant gratification in a 3-part installation: 
1. A game show set with a variety of toy-like to comically oversized props, a puppet co-host and a audio-queue filled soundtrack
2. A camera streaming a live feed of the activity taking place on-stage
3. A separate living room area, complete with a couch and TV displaying the live feed

Listen to the Soundtrack

Six Counts Ben Morey

Six Counts of Vehicular Manslaughter

32″ x 45″ x 3″
Spray enamel on ceramic and found objects

Six Counts of Vehicular Manslaughter is a “public hanging” of the idea that inanimate objects and man-made structures need be anthropomorphized and categorized within the gender binary (masculine vs. feminine) using stolen and sculpted “Truck Nuts” to illustrate this point.

rx ben morey


Dimensions Variable  |   
Listen to the soundtrack
Nail polish, enamel on air-dry clay and found objects, website and soundtrack

A clinic is a space in which those entering are expecting to be changed, leaving treated or cured by the forces inside. In the scenario generated by this interactive installation participants must inhabit both the role of the doctor and the patient in order for this transformation to occur. Participants are invited to perform procedures on the “patient” in the center of the installation using any of the objects in the vicinity by an interactive website that randomly generates a series of actions the viewer must take to “cure” the patient of emotional scenarios that modern medicine isn’t equipped to alleviate. Such ailments include unrequited love, lack of motivation and existential confusion. At the end of each sequence the participant is redirected to a page displaying the patient’s heart rate, which slows to a solid, deathly tone. The process then reboots.


Gasm Toy Box

Dimensions Variable
Spray enamel, nail polish on ceramic & plaster

Each ceramic and plaster object within this floor-based installation represents a body part that is directly involved with a personal memory of adolescent sexuality. These objects are buffed and finished in a colorful, saccharine to mimic the aesthetic of plastic children’s toys scattered on the ground. 

Stethoscope Ben Morey


Dimensions Variable
Spray enamel on MDF, fabric, internal speakers, soundtrack

Viewers can hear a soundtrack within this interactive sculpture by listening to one or both ear-pieces connected to this oversized, non-functional stethoscope. In one ear an imagined sound-interpretation of the inside of my body plays on a loop while a series of pleading messages in morse-code play in the other.

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